Do you test on animals?

The only product tested on animals is my repel body mist. It works great to keep the bugs from your furry loved ones!

Are your products vegan?

Some are and some aren't. All of the butters and oils that are used are plant based, however some products contain beeswax. Any product that I carry that does not contain beeswax is vegan.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use your products?

Of course! All of the products that I use are the best available to me. I try to use raw materials that have been processed/refined/manipulated the least. When using essential oils I make sure to use them in dilutions that are safe for skin applications. Everyone's skin is different. What might work well for one person may not be the best combination for another. Of course, if irritation occurs you should stop using the product.

How long do your products last?

It's hard to put an expiration on a hand made product. To combat shelf life issues, I try to make smaller batches so that the products are their freshest when you receive them. Any products that do not contain water have a very long shelf life. When used and stored properly they should last over a year (although I'm sure you'll use it up before then). Any product that contains water, should also contain a preservative. I make sure to use a preservative that works well with the product that I am making and follow the usage guidelines strictly.

How should I store your products?

A lot of my products are temperature sensitive. This is due to the natural ingredients used and is the nature of the beast. I recommend keeping all products away from moisture and heat. Try to use clean, dry fingers when using any body products so as not to introduce germs into the product.

Will you ship to my home? How much is shipping?

Of course I will. Shipping cost is dependent on weight and size of the package. I try to find the most economical method (usually Canada Post). A flat rate is offered at $18 for shipping in Ontario. For the more temperature dependent items, shipping will only be available during the colder months. If you are at all close though, I recommend picking your order up or arranging a spot for drop off/meet. This will ensure that you can have any product at any time of the year!

Do you use essential oils or fragrance oils?

The short answer is both. The longer answer is it depends on the product. Some of my products are meant to be more about the senses and have a more "therapeutic" feel to them. In these I use essential oils. Others are meant for fun and pizazz (yes, I just said pizazz). For these I use fragrance oils. I try to offer both options so that there is a product out there for everyone!

I'm interested in placing a custom order. How do I do that?

I'd be more than happy to create something just for you. Just use the contact form on the website or send me an email (bodyblisshandmade@hotmail.com) describing what you are looking for. We can work from there!